Scott Crump Toyota - This dealer is the biggest bunch of lying crooks in the car dealer network. From sales, finance to upper management, all are completely dishonest.


Purchased vehicle from out of state.Salesman lied about existing damage on truck upon arrival to take possession.

Truck had cracked windshield, huge dent in bedside, twisted rear bumper and other smaller flaws that were not disclosed at time of negotiations. After sale, refused to replace windshield for nearly a month after sale. Lied about providing floor mats with truck. Worst of all, finance dept.

lied about the loan stipulations all together. Never returned phone calls, were rude and did not care about me whatsoever after i drove off the lot. I have been purchasing new and used vehicles for over 20 years from dealers, this is the worst dealer ever.

They seem to think it is ok to lie about nearly anything to close a sale.Please go to another dealer, this one is a terrible mistake.

Review about: Unfair Dealership.

Scott Crump Toyota - Scott Crump in Jasper, AL

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So I contacted this dealer about a month ago.I submitted an online credit application and after two weeks I still had not been contacted so I sent them an email.

After another week went by with no response I decided to call them and finally I got directed to a salesman named Adam S. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. After 3 days of traveling to the dealership and home, he finally showed me a car that I liked and told me that I could come back the next day to pick it. I was so so excited!

So I call him before I drive to the dealership to make sure everything is ready and he reassures me that it is. So after we get to the dealership I notice that the car I am going to purchase is parked over to the side and a couple is looking under the hood and just checking the car out. I jokingly said to my Uncle, "Hey tell those people to stop looking at my car." We laughed and stepped outside. A few seconds later here comes my salesman, Adam S.

He starts out by saying that he's so mad he could cuss. Um okay??Anyway he explains to me that even though he said the car was mine, it had actually been sold the same day he presented the car me. I mean how the F*** did he not know the car was already sold to someone else? Do salesman not cross check each others work.

The whole *** dealership is *** and never had I experienced anything like that.I was basically lied to and I dont recommend anyone using this dealership.

Review about: Unfair Auto Sale.

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